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Sustainable Building Practices

Energy saving, eco-friendly and visually pleasing

These can include design considerations such as:

  • Orientation – to take advantage of northern light and orient the house to take in any natural aspect.
  • Cross flow ventilation-how can we get best value from the prevailing winds to keep the air fresh inside the house.
  • Passive solar – control sunlight to invite sun light in during winter and keep the hot sun out in winter.
  • Active solar- will we use solar hot water and or photovoltaic panels
  • Heating and cooling : best use of heating and cooling to minimise cost to run and lower your carbon footprint summer.
  • Water use
  • Rainwater collection and diversion
  • Greywater treatment
  • Eco friendly building materials

Our expertise with many of the products available can inform your choices to save you money in both the short term and on future running costs.